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AVG ダウンロード


プログラムアップデート AVG インターネットセキュリティ 2013.2358 SP1


  • Anti-Rootkit: Fixed rare BSOD during Anti-Rootkit scan.
  • AntiSpam: AntiSpam white/black lists support both e-mail addresses, and domains.
  • Core: Fixed issue with script emulator freezing.
  • Core: Optimized scan length on Mass Mailing documents in Office 2010.
  • Email Scanner: Correct upgrades of e-mail servers settings arranged.
  • Email Scanner: Fixed issue with certification text display in e-mail messages after AVG update.
  • Email Scanner: Fixed IMAP issue with '{' in informational fields.
  • Email Scanner: Fixed issue with display of statistics for scanned e-mails.
  • Firewall: Fixed issue with Other Applications Rules editor in Firewall.
  • Firewall: Fixed compatibility issue with family protection products on Windows 8.
  • Kernel: Fixed issue with Virus Vault detections stating "The end of the stream has been reached during the operation".
  • Online Shield: Performance improvements in TDI driver.
  • Online Shield: Fixed possible BSOD in TDI driver.
  • Online Shield: Fixed temporary files leak when browsing on Windows 8.
  • Outlook Addin: Fixed issue with AntiSpam white/black lists functionality on Exchange account.
  • Resident Shield: Fixed issue with Resident Shield file exceptions.
  • Resident Shield: Fixed possible hang-on while copying files from/to Novell network.
  • Setup: Error message occurres if resume cannot proceed.
  • Setup: Presence of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows blocks AVG installation.
  • Setup: Error handling during setup initialization improved.
  • Setup: Cyber Scrub products do not block AVG installation.


プログラムアップデート AVG インターネットセキュリティ 2013.2897 HOTFIX 05


  • Setup: New Yahoo! toolbar offer for US region added.

プログラムアップデート AVG インターネットセキュリティ 2013.2890 SMALL UPDATE 3


  • AvgSys: Scan will no longer end prematurely.
  • AvgSys: Fixed detection of Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Core: Fixed conflict with registry defragmentation in AVG Tuneup.
  • Firewall: Fixed issue with remote desktop connection via ICS clients on Windows 8.
  • Setup: With first/repair installation of AVG, the previously installed MS redistributables will be reconditioned.

プログラムアップデート AVG インターネットセキュリティ 2013.2793 SMALL UPDATE 2


  • AvgSys: Fixed issue with Resident Shield crash.
  • Core: Fixed issue with starting scan from domain account.
  • Firewall: Firewall will try to reinstall NDIS driver if it is not running.
  • Kernel: Fixed scan path validation.
  • Online Shield: Fixed possible problem with playing video from IP cameras.
  • Online Shield: Fixed conflict with YouSee player on Windows 8.
  • Safe Surf: Optimized upload speed with SafeSurf running (thanks to perzelr@extel.sk).

プログラムアップデート AVG インターネットセキュリティ 2013.2805 HOTFIX 04


  • Setup: Enhanced options in the setup screen supporting AVG Tollbar installation.

プログラムアップデート AVG インターネットセキュリティ 2013.2740 SMALL UPDATE 1


  • Core: Detection of CVE-2012-0151 vulnerability.
  • Setup: Fixed issue with setup failing on corrupted AVG installation files.
  • Setup: Driver uninstallation was fixed to work properly on corrupted driver as well.
  • Setup: Setup now includes a new dialog to opt for Toolbar and Search provider.
  • Setup: During AVG uninstallation you can opt to keep browsing protection installed (Toolbar, Secure Search, and LinkScanner).

プログラムアップデート AVG PRO 2013.2667 リリース

バージョン2013 の新機能

  • Improved scanning using enhanced scanning algorithms for faster scanning.
  • Improved compatibility with a detected 3rd party Firewall.
  • Refined threshold for browser memory consumption.
  • Boot accelerator optimizes time needed for boot up.
  • Fresh and new user interface for easier navigation and better user experience.
  • AVG 2013 is fully compatible with Windows 8.


  • Anti-Rootkit: Improved reporting of corrupted sections.
  • Anti-Spam: Improved configuration of all Anti-Spam components.
  • DNT: Fixed crash in urlmon.dll in Windows 8.
  • General: Alert Manager component has been removed.
  • General: Update selection dialog has been removed.
  • General: System Tools component has been removed.
  • Outlook Addin: Fixed possible freeze and compatibility issue with Kerio Outlook Connector.
  • Safe Surf: Fixed issue with upload speed while Safe Surf is running.
  • Safe Surf: Fixed issue with occasional crash when analyzing *.swf content.
  • Scheduler: Only one scheduled scan can be running at the same time.
  • Setup: Driver installation logging has been extended to provide enhanced information.
  • Setup: Search Shield component will not be installed by default, but only after having been selected for installation.
  • Update: Fixed problem with rollback of failed update.

プログラムアップデート AVG インターネットセキュリティ 2012.2221 SMALL UPDATE 6


  • Anti-Rootkit: Fixed possible BSOD during Anti-Rootkit scan on Windows 8.
  • Core: Fixed issue with possible crash in cache server.
  • Outlook Addin: Fixed possible freeze and compatibility issue with Kerio Outlook Connector.
  • Online Shield: Fixed problems with dual-stack sockets.
  • Safe Surf: Increased browsing speed with Safe Surf enabled.
  • Safe Surf: Fixed issue with occasional crash while analyzing *.swf file content.

プログラムアップデート AVG Pro 2012.2197 HotFix 18


  • アップデート:アップデートに失敗した際のロールバックの問題を修正

プログラムアップデート AVG インターネットセキュリティ 2012.2195 HotFix 17